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EV Telematics

What is EV Telematics?

Between the electrification initiatives that parallel global decarbonization efforts, and increased access to electric vehicles (EVs), the grid is increasingly […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
Virtual Peaker and FortisBC

Virtual Peaker Launches First Utility Program in Canada

FortisBC Peak Saver Pilot Tests Feasibility of Residential Demand Response Devices To Support Climate Action Goals   Louisville, KY – […]

Demand Response Program

How To Scale Your Demand Response Program

Congratulations! Your pilot demand response (DR) program is a success. Now, it’s time to take your next big step: Enrolling […]

VP of Marketing, Amber Mullaney
Amber Mullaney
Vice President of Marketing
Austin Bradford header

Team Q&A: Austin Bradford – Client Success Manager

Austin Bradford believes in the power of sustainability initiatives no matter how big or small, and as our Client Success […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO
Utility Customer Defection

What Is Utility Customer Defection?

Utility customer defection occurs when members or ratepayers use distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar panels, to generate their […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
Songs About The Sun

Solar Powered Jams: Songs About The Sun

As the song goes, the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home. Never is that more true than during […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
EV Telematics

What Does EV Telematics Mean for EV Load Management?

Utilities have often turned to demand flexibility or distributed energy resource (DER) programs to optimize available energy assets and reduce the […]

Greg Ledva, R&D Engineer
Greg Ledva
R&D Engineer
SMUD Case Study

Case Study: Demand Responsiveness Decreases Cost and Carbon

Learn how Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is optimizing hot water heater efficiency without sacrificing customer comfort and value using the Virtual Peaker platform and Shift's real-time control system.

Suites Brochure

Brochure: Unify all Aspects of DER Management

Discover flexible, scalable, end-to-end DER management with Virtual Peaker. One platform brings you many solutions, through Virtual Peaker's integrated suites. Maximize the value of your distributed energy resources.


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