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End-to-End DER Management Solutions for the Modern Utility

The only adaptable, self-service energy management platform designed to turn any utility into one that is modern, customer-centric, and decentralized. Optimize the benefits of distributed energy resources, and their impact on the grid, with Virtual Peaker.

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Our platform

Why Virtual Peaker?

We help utilities unify all aspects of DER program management, like enrollment, device monitoring, device control, forecasting, event messaging, incentive delivery, and ongoing customer engagement in one, easy-to-use platform. Solve your utility’s immediate needs while anticipating future goals.  Our suites are modular by design to continuously evolve with new features and functionality in a rapidly changing energy landscape.

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Unified Solutions

Looking to implement a comprehensive solution for end-to-end DER management that can easily scale when your utility is ready? Meet Virtual Peaker.

With the Virtual Peaker platform, you can:

  • Easily and efficiently implement and scale end-to-end software to manage the entire lifecycle of DERs.
  • Harness next generation virtual power plant capabilities.
  • Control all aspects of DER program management, including enrollment, device monitoring, device control, forecasting, event messaging, and incentive delivery
  • Add-on suites designed to engage customers and yield ongoing program engagement at any time!


Virtual Peaker future-proofs your operations through cutting-edge technology and energy expert guidance.

We’re continuously adding new suites, features, functionality, and integrations derived directly from utility feedback so you can harness DERs and optimize the grid. When you invest in the Virtual Peaker platform, you get:

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User Friendly

Accelerate how you manage and distribute energy with an intuitive, simple, user-friendly DER management platform that’s built for easy load management.

With Virtual Peaker, you can:

  • Quickly set up and start using our platform without any added hassles.
  • Effortlessly dispatch DERs to shift load with a click of a button.
  • Set role-based security permissions that allow for management of different user levels for multiple features.
  • Easily integrate all DERs in the home, including batteries, smart thermostats, water heaters, EV chargers, and ductless heat pumps with our vast network of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) device partners.

Increase Profits

With Virtual Peaker, you can increase profits and access new revenue streams while reducing peak costs.

Virtual Peaker helps you access revenue through:

  • Managing a more distributed grid, balancing supply and demand with rooftop solar, batteries, and a more complex load curve.
  • Low-risk adoption with fast and easy deployment.
  • Adding devices to the platform quickly and easily, as marginal costs fall and net benefits increase.
  • Scaling demand response programs of all device types, easily and quickly when you’re ready!

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Unify all aspects of DER program management, like enrollment, device monitoring, device control, forecasting, event messaging, incentive delivery, and ongoing automated customer engagement in one, easy-to-use platform.


Our Platform

One platform, many solutions.


Our DERMS suite, Shift offers utilities innovative technology with a patented cloud-based real-time control system that automatically adds intelligence to “smart” devices. Shave peak load, reduce costs, and execute controlled or behavioral demand response programs. 



Unify and personalize the energy customer experience with our automated customer engagement suite, Relay. A suite of tools that are integrated with our other sophisticated energy management tools to provide a connected approach to managing DERs.  

Engagement Suite


Simplify electricity load purchasing and forecasting with Envision. Powered by machine learning technology, our forecasting algorithm provides a smart and accurate way to predict and align energy load and purchasing based on historical data.

forecasting Suite

End-to-end DER aggregation and optimization
are easy and profitable with us.

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"With our ability to make household loads grid-ready, combined with Virtual Peaker’s cloud-based residential energy demand response platform, we are providing our utility customers the intelligent power management solutions needed for an increasingly electrified world."

Andrew Bouthilet VP, Offer Management and Marketing Eaton
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"Virtual Peaker is probably one step ahead most of the time of what utilities are asking them to do, which means that when we're at that stage, they'll already have it in their backlog."

Graham Turk Innovation Strategist Green Mountain Power
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"They were very upfront about what they're delivering now, what they want to deliver in the future, and then what is not in the roadmap. And that’s key, that transparency."

Doug Middleton Portfolio Strategist CLEAResult


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