Harness the Power of Innovative DER Technology Built for Investor-Owned Utilities

Investor-owned utilities are always looking for ways to expand the grid’s ability to handle an ever-increasing need for electric supply and demand-side flexibility while driving new sources of value. Meet Virtual Peaker, the energy management platform that future-proofs any DER strategy through innovative technology and intuitive features.

The Energy Management Platform Made for Investor-Owned Utilities

Access New Revenue Streams While Reducing Peak Costs

Consumer behavior is shifting and alternative energy sources are emerging. Virtual Peaker offers IOUs several ways to reduce peak load while taking advantage of new revenue streams including V2G charging, VPPs, renewables, and innovative rate designs.

Provide Unmatched Customer Engagement

Customer expectations for utilities have increased as the renewable energy transition continues. Virtual Peaker offers a full suite of features built to inform and engage your customers about their energy consumption, including real-time data, simple communication tools, and easy-to-understand reporting.

Deploy New Technology Quickly and Efficiently

With Virtual Peaker, IOUs can quickly adopt innovative technology based on their timeline, not ours. Using our SaaS platform, we provide the right tools to build efficient demand response programs that improve grid quality and resiliency.

Adopt Innovative Technology for a More Resilient Grid

Modernize the grid with innovative DERMS software that provides measurable results for your demand response programs. Integrate in-home smart devices for a more connected grid, balancing supply and demand with rooftop solar, batteries, and other tools to build a better load management system.

GMP Case Study

Green Mountain Power needed a way to introduce TOU rates to customers, keeping their EV pilot program user-friendly and flexible for changing demand.  Virtual Peaker’s flexible SAAS platform provided GMP the opportunity to optimize charging patterns in response to price, demand, and customer use preferences.




Meet Virtual Peaker

We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet.


Seamless Integrations

One platform that plugs you into a suite of solutions.

Virtual Peaker allows you 
to integrate your current 
programs in one place, and you 
can launch in weeks instead of months. Whether you’re starting fresh, or need to move data and devices, integration with Virtual Peaker is simple when you partner with our team of experts.


A platform that 
grows with you.

When you’re ready, it’s easy to execute your demand response programs. Don’t pay for what you won’t use, and grow your program at your own pace. Start with the devices that your customers actually use, and add devices at your own pace. You can manage multiple DER device types, including smart thermostats, hot water heaters, EV chargers, and battery programs.

Real-Time Data

Make data-driven decisions.

The effectiveness of a 
demand response program is only as good as data that you can collect. When you can see real-time data at the device level, build custom segments for devices, and create reports that are simple to compose and read, you’ll get more out of your program by leveraging data that works hard for you.


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We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy resources platform on the planet.

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