About Us - Virtual Peaker

Ushering In a Sustainable Future with Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Technology

Climate change is a real threat to our planet and we need to mobilize people across the globe to catalyze change. At Virtual Peaker we’re focused on transforming and optimizing the electric grid and believe distributed resources are the answer. We’re doing our best to save the planet. Literally.

How We Got Here

Our founder and CEO, Dr. William (Bill) Burke, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Controls, Energy, and Machine Learning. His dissertation examines how to control thousands of thermostats to benefit both homeowners and utilities. As a builder and engineer, Bill sees the massive opportunity for utilities to manage their loads and engage their customers through the IoT and connected in-home devices.

Kentucky natives, Bill and his wife left the Bay Area to bring their family back home. Bill was offered a position at GE in Louisville developing high-performance residential energy management software. He started Virtual Peaker in 2015 with its first client, Glasgow (Kentucky) Electric Plant, and now the SaaS company has expanded to become a global leader in demand response programs. The team at Virtual Peaker is fun-loving, smart, and full of energy, and Bill is thrilled to be based in Louisville, an emerging tech hub with enormous talent and potential.

Taking the Lead: Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help utilities decentralize, digitize, and decarbonize using loT and smart home tech so that together we can help save the planet.

Our Core Values

From the beginning, we’ve tried to make decisions our stakeholders would be proud of. Our core values are at the center of every one of those decisions, and our growth is rooted in these values. Really, it’s that simple.


We have strong
opinions held


Honesty is paramount
in everything we do
and say.


We have an appreciation
and respect for diversity
of thought and culture.


Not only are our people
friendly, but our technology
is user friendly.


We have a bias towards
action. We move quickly
and deliberately.

Planet First

Climate change is
an existential threat and we
are here to do our part.

Our Team

Meet the Team That Makes Virtual Peaker Special

Our team brings years of experience in energy, technology, and market development to the table. We are powered by the greatness of our team, and wholeheartedly believe each and every member brings unique skills to help build technology for the new energy future.

Aubrey Allehoff Software Development Team Lead
Alexandra Aznar Director of Client Implementation
Sarah Betterton
Sarah Betterton Quality Assurance Engineer
Syd Bishop Admiral of Content
Ellen Blevins
Ellen Blevins Senior Product Designer
Ana Bogdanova Senior Product Manager
Austin Bradford Sales Executive
Ben Brosnan Director of Sales Engineering
Bill Burke Founder & CEO
Alex Burton Junior Software Developer
Brenda Chew Director of Product Management
Justin Cirwithian Manager of Technical Services
Heather Droel VP of Human Resources
J.R. Enderle Jr. Software Developer
Anne Ensign Junior Software Developer
Stephanie Friddle Junior Software Developer
Michael Hamilton Software QA Manager
Ellie Hands Proposal Manager
Sarah Hayes Software Development Team Lead
Todd Hudgens Software Development Team Lead
Charlie Keown Marketing Intern
Colin Lamb VP of Delivery
Kami Law Office Manager / Bookkeeper
Greg Ledva Director Emerging Technologies
Bob Mattingly Senior Creative Designer
Whitley McGovern Sales Executive
Zachary Menefee Junior Software Developer
Kirsten Millar
Kirsten Millar Director of Policy and Solutions Partnerships
Max Molzahn Client Success Representative
Jestin Mounts JavaScript Developer
Joey Mudd VP of Engineering
Amber Mullaney VP of Marketing
McKenzie Nalley Junior Software Developer
Shelby Nash Account Manager
Sasha Ndlovu Client Success Manager
Spencer Newman Chief Financial Officer
Shawn Offutt Software Developer
Natalie Orner Client Success Representative
Erin Poole Client Accounts Manager
Yuki de Pourbaix R&D Engineer
Jeff Quigley Sr. VP of Customer Solutions
Jorge Saucedo Software Developer
Stacia Secreriat Digital Marketing Manager
Jay Stemmer Machine Learning Engineer
Kurt Strecker Software Development Team Lead
Zack Storms Data Scientist
Erika Wiggins Client Success Implementation Lead
Mike Wilson Director of IT


Learn About How to Join Our Team

Do you agree that we need to face climate change head-on? Are you passionate about saving the planet and making a difference in the work you do? If so, we want to hear from you. Let’s affect change together.