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Boost Your DER Strategy With a DERMS Built for Modern Utilities

Virtual Peaker’s Shift DERMS suite manages residential electric demand. It applies machine learning and real-time control to internet-enabled appliances to reduce demand while minimizing the negative impact on the residential customer. Shift connects in-home smart devices to run residential demand response programs that leverage distributed energy resources (DERs) to reduce cost and peak load. 

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Utility Portal

The Virtual Peaker utility portal enables you to manage the complete lifecycle of all DERs.

With Virtual Peaker’s Shift DERMS utility portal, you can:

  • Own and manage the entire lifecycle of your DER programs all in one platform.
  • Communicate with customers about demand response events and device statuses with easy-to-use email and/or SMS.
  • Deploy demand response programs with the click of a button.
  • Add new control strategies, device types, and manufacturers when you’re ready and as your demand response (DR) programs grow. 
  • Use a secure, intuitive portal that allows for user-based permissions to be configured by role and need.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Control costs and the impact of transmission peaks with real-time data and reporting.

Our Shift DERMS Suite reporting enables you to:

  • Take control of your DER strategy with real-time data down to the individual device level.
  • Measure and verify DER events with customizable data visualizations – by device type, event timelines, and more.
  • Gain insights from normalized and translated data originating from multiple manufacturers and technologies – from thermostats, batteries, EV chargers, and EV telematics.
  • Utilize built-in device-level analytics for determining energy consumption for DR events for both pre-event and post-event. 
  • Create reports for event performance, device data, customer enrollments, and more!
  • Track demand response dispatched events at participating homes.
  • Customizable and reliable baselining and reporting are built into the reporting interface.

Easy Enrollment

An integrated enrollment management framework built directly into the utility interface allows you to easily drive and manage demand response program enrollment.

With Virtual Peaker’s Shift DERMS platform suite enrollment features, you:

  • Can permit individual device enrollment directly with the customer or on their behalf.
  • Allow customers to easily enroll multiple devices without having to submit multiple applications
  • Easily support unique customer enrollment journeys and program designs.
  • Can apply machine learning and real-time control to minimize the cost and impact of TOU rates on customers.
  • Can easily add on the Customer Engagement suite at any time to further drive engagement with your program using a branded microsite and easy-to-use enrollment form.

SMUD Case Study

Learn how Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is optimizing hot water heater efficiency without sacrificing customer comfort and value using the Virtual Peaker platform and Shift’s real-time control system. 



See What All the Buzz is About 

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“By leveraging Virtual Peaker’s advanced technology platform, this program empowers residential electric customers to participate in energy-saving practices and reinforces our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for a cleaner and more resilient energy future. We look forward to this initiative’s positive impact on reducing peak loads, overall utility system costs, and contributing to a more sustainable environment.”

Steve Mathena Energy Services and Innovations Supervisor Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
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"CoServ's vision is to be a respected leader dedicated to implementing innovative ideas that fulfill the needs of those we serve. Our partnership with Virtual Peaker helps us fulfill this vision by offering technology solutions, like advanced demand response, so we can continue to be a leader in the industry and deliver excellent service and reliable energy solutions."

Caitlin Creed Marketing & Communications Manager CoServ
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"Two seasons of demand response successfully completed so far, and we're really liking what we see. I think the biggest value that we've taken away from it is the member engagement tool. We're able to work with our customers to offer them some value for devices that they've already bought. So I think they see it as a win, and we see it as a win for reducing our demand charges."

Thomas Golden CEO EnergyUnited

Virtual Peaker makes DER aggregation and optimization easy and profitable.

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