Manage EV Charging Impact on the Grid With Virtual Peaker

Managed EV charging offers utilities a unique opportunity to support the next generation of transportation, design innovative rate structures, and drive new sources of consistent revenue.

Maximize EV Charging Opportunities With Innovative Technology

Transformational growth for the electric vehicle industry is inevitable thanks to new regulatory benchmarks, voluntary pledges from car manufacturers to reduce emissions, strong consumer interest, and advancements in battery technology. The first step is having the right energy demand response platform to manage the EVs and charging stations that connect to your grid.

Increased Demand, Increased Opportunity

As the prevalence of electric vehicles continues to grow, so does the demand on the grid. These new technologies can create opportunity by integrating chargers and vehicles, offering greater insight into demand giving you the ability to make more informed decisions.

Leverage Cutting Edge Solutions With EV Telematics and V2G Charging

EV Telematics creates direct connections with car manufacturers, providing additional analytics and program design options. Vehicles-to-grid (V2G) solutions support bidirectional charging, allowing for the two-way flow of energy for vehicles that can charge at the least expensive time of the day, and return unused energy to the grid. With Virtual Peaker, expect more options for moving energy where and when it’s needed.

Empower EV Owners to Take Charge

Charging EVs at home is more cost-efficient, as consumers pay a fee for energy that comes from the same source that already provides electric power to their homes. It’s more convenient for customers to charge while they sleep or work from home. And it’s a lot safer to charge from the comfort of home than hanging out in a parking garage or on the street at a public charging station.

Support Innovative Rate Design

Charging their EVs at a fixed price during off-peak load times is just one example of how Virtual Peaker utility partners are taking advantage of EVs. We’re working with forward-thinking utilities to develop creative solutions to manage EVs and shape the future of the grid.

Gaining Strategic Value From Your EV Charging Program

Watch SnoPUD and ChargePoint discuss key takeaways and best practices for getting the most from your EV residential charging programs. Understanding key metrics, including EV adoption forecasts, load shifting, financial value, and system distribution. This webinar shares tips for determining your demand response program needs and how EVs can contribute to the overall DR programmatic success.




Meet Virtual Peaker

We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet.


Seamless Integrations

One platform that plugs you into a suite of solutions.

Virtual Peaker allows you 
to integrate your current 
programs in one place, and you 
can launch in weeks instead of months. Whether you’re starting fresh, or need to move data and devices, integration with Virtual Peaker is simple when you partner with our team of experts.


A distributed energy platform that 
grows with you.

When you’re ready, it’s easy to execute your demand response programs. Don’t pay for what you won’t use, and grow your program at your own pace. Start with the devices that your customers actually use, and add devices at your own pace. You can manage multiple DER device types, including smart thermostats, hot water heaters, EV chargers, and battery programs.

Real-Time Data

Make data-driven decisions.

The effectiveness of a 
demand response program is only as good as data that you can collect. When you can see real-time data at the device level, build custom segments for devices, and create reports that are simple to compose and read, you’ll get more out of your program by leveraging data that works hard for you.


What Our Users Are Saying

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"We are excited to combine Virtual Peaker’s innovative and user-friendly platform with the proven reliability of our FLO residential charging solutions."

Frank Fata Global Head, Utilities FLO | AddEnergie
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"Through our partnership with Virtual Peaker, we’re able to deliver smart charging solutions to new markets, benefiting the utilities and their customers."

Giovanni Bertolino Head of e-Mobility Enel X North America
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“The partnership with Virtual Peaker demonstrates an exciting solution to two of today’s major challenges: how to further integrate clean, renewable energy, and the rapid adoption of clean transportation.”

David Slutzky CEO Fermata Energy


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We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy resources platform on the planet.

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