Being Planet First is a Core Value at Virtual Peaker

Here at Virtual Peaker, we passionately care about the future of our planet. Our commitments to sustainability, decarbonization and green technology extend beyond our SaaS offerings – they’re a way of life for all of us.  


Sustainability committee

The Team Within Our Team

We’ve created an internal Sustainability Committee that aims to establish company-wide policies, education, and initiatives to ensure we are all doing our part in combating climate change. We are not only offsetting our company’s carbon emissions but finding ways to educate our employees on practices they can implement in their day-to-day lives. On top of that, we are seeking ways to give back to our communities and the Earth, starting with planting trees.


The Sustainability Committee is constantly seeking new ways to be more eco-conscious. Some of our latest efforts include:

  • Working toward becoming Green Places to Work and Carbon Neutral Certified in 2022.
  • Implementing an office recycling and composting program.
  • Recommending innovative new ideas that reduce our overall consumption and carbon footprint. One of those initiatives is our environmentally friendly Remote-First Policy.


Carbon offsets

Planting Trees

Reducing waste and carbon emissions is great, but we also believe in forestation and maintaining urban growth as a preventive measure against carbon emissions. To that end, Virtual Peaker also:

  • Provides bi-annual volunteer days to allow all employees the opportunity to spend time together planting trees.
  • As part of an effort celebrate our employees success and longevity with Virtual Peaker, we partnered with Trees Louisville to plant a 7 gallon container tree in the employees honor. We do this for every major year anniversary (1, 3, 5 & 10) each employee celebrates with the company.


Our Employees Personal Sustainability Efforts

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"I’m so excited to be able to say my boyfriend and I are getting solar panels installed on our home in the coming months. We’ll be one of the first in the neighborhood and I hope it urges others to follow suit. I’m thankful to be working for a company that cares, and with other employees that care. The team here continually shares great ideas and ways they’re personally engaging, which in turn makes me want to do even better. "

Stephanie Friddle Junior Software Developer Virtual Peaker
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"I sort of despise purchasing things like home decor, clothing AKA fast fashion, and other items that will eventually be tossed in the trash and end up in a landfill. I would much rather refurbish something I find on the side of the street or DIY from an item I already have than purchase something new. Last but not least, I vote! I use my voice to inspire change and vote for candidates that have a strong environmental platform."

Whitley McGovern Account Executive Virtual Peaker
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"I try to do the little things like recycling, reusing grocery bags, and using public transit when I can. I am also excited for EV charging infrastructure to expand and plan on buying an electric vehicle when the time comes to buy a new car. I plan on buying a house in the next couple of years as well and plan on adding solar panels and hopefully taking advantage of the demand response programs we help run."

Ben Brosnan Director of Sales Engineering Virtual Peaker

Want to be a part of the green energy movement?