Demand More From Your Demand Response Program

Take control of your load management strategy. Virtual Peaker can create flexible, scalable, and successful demand response programs that leverage our substantial and growing device network to maximize value for you and your customers. Take advantage of our real-time data, down to the individual device level, and aggregate devices into groups so you can optimize your program to reduce load during peak periods and yield savings.


Customizable, Flexible, and Scalable Demand Response

Whether it’s behavioral DR or a device control program, Virtual Peaker provides a diverse set of solutions designed to deliver savings, reduce peak costs, and engage your customers.

Programs that Work

No matter where you are in your demand response journey, creating and optimizing your program is easy with Virtual Peaker. One platform, a plethora of devices, real-time data, and reporting that you can trust to help you make the right decisions.

Event Calling At Your Fingertips

Calling events with Virtual Peaker is simple. With the ability to call events for all devices or build out smaller groups we call “platoons” for individualized events. Once the devices are selected you can then set the goal of the event and set when you would like it to run.

The Devices You Want

Our device partners are among the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. We are constantly adding more partners, and working with our current ones to optimize their devices on our platform.

Find Value in Reporting

Once your program is going, it is crucial to measure your success. Our reporting offers device-level data, customer performance data, event aggregate data, and real-time connectivity reporting, and more! Build a successful program that is informed by data.

Designing DER Success

Watch a panel of experts discuss how to gain the most value from your DER pilots and programs. AEA, CLEAResult, Green Mountain Power, CoServ, and Energy United all come together to discuss how to design and implement your distributed energy resource programs for maximum success.


Engage Customers in New Ways With Behavioral Demand Response

Customer Engagement Made Simple

Utilize the customer engagement tools within our platform to drive customer behavior. Build alerts, send updates and notify customers to help influence their energy usage. Virtual Peaker’s customer engagement tools help you educate, alert, and ultimately build an engaged customer base.

Drive Behaviors With Event Templates

Virtual Peaker allows you the ability to build out templated demand response events. These templates include the desired devices, event actions, and any notifications for before, during, or after the time of the event. We make it easy to execute DR programs!

Easily Baseline Your Program

Programs only make sense with data. Virtual Peaker can seamlessly integrate with your meter data management system (MDMS) to evaluate and baseline the success of any behavioral DR program.

SMUD Case Study

Learn how Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is optimizing hot water heater efficiency without sacrificing customer comfort and value using the Virtual Peaker platform and Shift’s real-time control system.




Meet Virtual Peaker

We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet.


Seamless Integrations

One platform that plugs you into a suite of solutions.

Virtual Peaker allows you 
to integrate your current 
programs in one place, and you 
can launch in weeks instead of months. Whether you’re starting fresh, or need to move data and devices, integration with Virtual Peaker is simple when you partner with our team of experts.


A distributed energy platform that 
grows with you.

When you’re ready, it’s easy to execute your demand response programs. Don’t pay for what you won’t use, and grow your program at your own pace. Start with the devices that your customers actually use, and add devices at your own pace. You can manage multiple DER device types, including smart thermostats, hot water heaters, EV chargers, and battery programs.

Real-time Data

Make data-driven decisions.

The effectiveness of a 
demand response program is only as good as data that you can collect. When you can see real-time data at the device level, build custom segments for devices, and create reports that are simple to compose and read, you’ll get more out of your program by leveraging data that works hard for you.


See What All the Buzz is About

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"With our ability to make household loads grid-ready, combined with Virtual Peaker’s cloud-based residential energy demand response platform, we are providing our utility customers the intelligent power management solutions needed for an increasingly electrified world."

Andrew Bouthilet VP, Offer Management and Marketing Eaton
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"Across North America, we are seeing the broad effects of the climate crisis, from wildfires and drought in California to record-breaking heat throughout the Pacific Northwest. As these extreme weather events become more common, the need for intelligent energy solutions that deliver environmental and economic impact is critical."

Giovanni Bertolino Head of e-Mobility Enel X North America
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“We’re owned by the members we serve, so we’re always looking for ways to bring value to their connected homes...Our partnership with Virtual Peaker leverages the company’s advanced demand response capabilities so that we can continue to deliver excellent service and innovative energy solutions.”

Mario Zavala Community Engagement Coordinator CoServ


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We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy resources platform on the planet.

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