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The Virtual Peaker platform and its customer engagement suite, Relay is built for utilities of any type to take advantage of distributed resources through innovative technologies and seamless customer engagement features.

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Bring Your Customers With You on This Clean Energy Journey

homeowner app

Build trust and empower your customers to engage in energy-saving programs with customer engagement tools like our ADA compliant Homeowner App. Create mutually beneficial experiences for your utility and your customers with our leading technology.

As consumers increasingly adopt DER technologies that impact the grid, like smart thermostats, solar, and EVs, you need a way to engage and continue to build trust with customers. Meet the Virtual Peaker Relay, where you can:

  • Motivate customer action with behavioral demand response features like branded email templates and SMS text messaging.
  • Empower customers by giving them insights into their device data, local weather, and usage with a branded interface. 
  • Keep customers engaged and enrolled in your program with visible opt-out messaging and easy-to-use communication templates.

Message Center

The next generation of customer engagement is here.

Leverage digital engagement features to boost customer interactions and foster relationships built on trust within the Virtual Peaker message center.

With Relay’s message center you can:

    • Set events, create branded messaging campaigns, and track results in a single, easy-to-use platform.
    • Send customer surveys to collect feedback about energy-saving programs, enrollment options, incentives, and more. 
    • Personalize messaging for demand response event notifications based on real-time data. 
    • Create templates to easily apply to future event communications.

incentive processing

Create higher program conversions and adoption rates with incentives your customers want. 

With Virtual Peaker’s incentive processing, you can:

  • Motivate behavior and drive actionable results with program awards like checks, e-gift cards, gift cards, prepaid digital cards, donations, bill credits, or cashback.
  • Manage and track energy savings program enrollment and progress in one platform.
  • Apply unique triggers for campaign execution designed specifically for utility demand response programs. 


See What All the Buzz is About 

"With our ability to make household loads grid-ready, combined with Virtual Peaker’s cloud-based residential energy demand response platform, we are providing our utility customers the intelligent power management solutions needed for an increasingly electrified world."

Andrew Bouthilet VP, Offer Management and Marketing Eaton

"Through our partnership with Virtual Peaker, we’re able to deliver smart charging solutions to new markets, benefiting the utilities and their customers."

Giovanni Bertolino Head of e-Mobility Enel X North America

"I think we're now more formal in how we go about program development as a result of working with Virtual Peaker. They helped us put a structure around the steps that have to happen for us to get up and running. We need there to be device integration, we need to make sure that the billing all works. Before, we were a little bit loose. And I think having them to be a check on us, means that we're a little more operational in how we work."

Graham Turk Innovation Strategist Green Mountain Power

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