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Max Molzahn

Team Q&A: Max Molzahn – Client Success Representative

From his education in Environmental Policy to his work connecting our customers to the best solutions, our Client Success Representative […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO
electric micro-mobility

What is Electric Micro-Mobility?

Electric micro-mobility addresses a broad term for a growing category of low-speed modes of transport based on the use of […]

Rachel Sanford
Rachel Sanford
Marketing Coordinator
utilities EV charging

How Utilities Can Get the Biggest Bang For Their EV Charging Bucks

As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to blossom, utilities continue to focus their innovation and business development efforts on […]

Virtual Peaker Team
Virtual Peaker Team
utility program landing page

Best Practices to Launch a Utility Program Landing Page

As more renewable energy assets enter the global energy portfolio, utilities will have fresh opportunities to boost grid resilience, lower […]

Ana Bogdanova 2
Ana Bogdanova
J.R. Enderle

Team Q&A: J.R. Enderle – Jr. Software Developer

J.R. Enderle has spent much of his professional life working as a communicator, which made him the perfect fit for […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO
BYOD Utility Program

Best Practices for BYOD Utility Program Enrollment

To meet the increased demand brought on by electrification efforts, utilities have turned to distributed energy resources (DER) and demand […]

Anna Carvill
Anna Carvill
Director of Client Accounts
energy equity

Seeking & Amplifying Underrepresented Voices for Energy Equity

Prioritizing energy equity is transforming the way that some utilities are making decisions. To bolster and accelerate those efforts, it’s […]

Kirsten Millar
Kirsten Millar
Director of Policy and Partnerships
AO Smith & Virtual Peaker Integrate

Virtual Peaker Integrates with A. O. Smith Smart Water Heaters to Provide More Flexible, Less Expensive DERMS Programs

Five Water Heater Brands Were Added with One Integration Louisville, KY– March 8, 2023 — Virtual Peaker, a cloud-based SaaS […]

women in energy

Women in Energy: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a celebration that as you might have guessed recognizes the incredible accomplishments of women around […]

VP of Marketing, Amber Mullaney
Amber Mullaney
VP of Marketing

4 Things to Consider When Launching a Demand Response Program

To meet rising energy demand, utilities have turned to tried and true strategies like demand response to conserve energy when customers need it the most, lowering energy costs and enhancing grid resiliency.

Marketing Channels and When to Use Them for Your Demand Response Program Recruitment

Building a rapport with your customers is integral in developing your demand response strategies. So how do you find the right audience at the right time to educate them on the possibilities of demand response?

Team Q&A: Erika Wiggins – Client Success Implementation Lead

From helping customers with the tools that they need to call their DER event, to raising chickens, Erika Wiggins is […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO


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