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Peak Load Preparation Has Never Been Easier

Ensure your customers have a reliable supply of power at the best price with load forecasting. Increase your resiliency and flexibility while significantly reducing costs. Virtual Peaker’s load forecasting suite, Envision, uses machine learning approaches to inform smart purchasing decisions.

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Actionable Insights

Turn information into action by synthesizing all of your data sources, scheduling corresponding events, and more, all within the same platform.

Envision enables you to:

  • Move between forecasting energy usage to scheduling an event, while communicating with customers, all within one integrated platform.
  • Forecast demand and load use based on real usage data from your DER programs, as well as predictive, weather, and other data sources.
  • Include new data sources which fit your changing needs as the energy landscape evolves.
  • Gain insights into historical and real-time data, from granular battery telematics to big picture energy purchasing, all within the same dashboards.
  • Rapidly respond to changes in DR program needs without waiting for larger data teams to manually analyze your data sets.
  • Manage your portfolio with real-time tweaks to monthly scheduled DR programs, as well as plan your long term power purchasing.

Comprehensive Data

Access all the insights you rely on, in one accurate, easy to read command center. From comprehensive weather forecasts to past and present load shed, we’ve got you covered.

Relying on manual forecasting is slow, cumbersome, error prone, and costly.

With Envision you can:

  • View all your data in one comprehensive place: event information, load forecasting, weather, historical and real-time data together.
  • Easy to use dashboards and intuitive interface display data in usable, actionable ways.
  • Long-term demand forecasting helps you plan for peak events, and anticipate load balancing, and save on purchasing costs
  • Understand future consumption and load demand.
  • Minimize risks through intuitive decision-making tools and smart investments
  • Determine required resources to operate and ensure uninterrupted power to consumers.
  • Short-term forecasting using predictive and real-time analytics helps you pivot your programs and call events in response to your immediate needs
  • Pull in all your data sources, including cloud cover, temperature forecast, usage data, radiance, grouped and individual device performance.


With an integrated platform, you can easily move between long-term load purchasing to editing monthly DR events all in one unified solution.

Integrated forecasting and demand response suites help you to:

  • Use data insights to directly impact your demand response programs, adjusting events based on real-time usage needs.
  • Serve customers better with demand forecasting and accurate event-calling and planning.
  • Plan and adjust your programs in any interval, from hourly, daily, to weekly in order to meet your annual purchasing goals.
  • Take the guesswork out of TOU rates with demand response and easily optimize and load shift through applied machine learning to minimize expenses.
  • Visualize and calculate the impact of DR events with or without meter data, to evaluate and analyze cost savings and performance.

GMP Case Study

Green Mountain Power needed a way to introduce TOU rates to customers, keeping their EV pilot program user-friendly and flexible for changing demand.  Virtual Peaker’s flexible SAAS platform provided GMP the opportunity to optimize charging patterns in response to price, demand, and customer use preferences.



See What All the Buzz is About 

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"With our ability to make household loads grid-ready, combined with Virtual Peaker’s cloud-based residential energy demand response platform, we are providing our utility customers the intelligent power management solutions needed for an increasingly electrified world."

Andrew Bouthilet VP, Offer Management and Marketing Eaton
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“We’re pleased to add the forecasting suite to our current software stack, and are hopeful the improved accuracy will reduce costs associated with energy purchasing and hedging from price volatility. As our technology needs evolve, we’re excited to partner with Virtual Peaker, whose solutions can easily scale and adapt to meet our needs.”

Ben Smith Power Supply Advisor CoServ
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"Virtual Peaker, the platform provider it is, is critical. As we look ahead, you know we've been doing a really good job at doing demand response, reducing peaks. We're starting to move now to we need to be able to shape what the load looks like on a day-in and day out basis. The Virtual Peaker platform is going to be key to helping us get there."

Josh Castonguay VP and Chief Innovation Officer Green Mountain Power

Virtual Peaker makes forecasting easy and profitable.

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