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Revolutionizing Virtual Power Plant Capabilities, Virtual Peaker Launches First-of-Its-Kind and Only Topline Demand Control Solution

The solution allows distributed energy resources to be fully utilized, relied upon, and available to stabilize the grid with dependable […]

virtual power plants

Ask An Expert: Virtual Power Plants, Reliability, & AI

From our thoughts on the Department of Energy report to our upcoming launch, we’ve had virtual power plants on our […]

Virtual Peaker Team
Virtual Peaker Team
virtual power plant

What We Learned From the Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Virtual Power Plants DOE Report

Last September, the Department of Energy released an extensive report entitled Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Virtual Power Plants. As the […]

Virtual Peaker Team
Virtual Peaker Team
Keith Flynn sustainability

Team Q&A: Keith Flynn – Software Development Intern

Getting his start through Code Kentucky, our Software Development Intern Keith Flynn was ready for a challenge. From his sustainability […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist

Webinar: Operationalizing DERs with Topline Demand Control, The Next Generation of VPPs

Register for this webinar for actionable recommendations to leverage the power of DERs with the next generation of virtual power plants.

demand response smart thermostats

How Are Thermostats Used For Demand Response?

A quick search for “demand response” as a news item tells you plenty about the decades-old load management strategy. The […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
Gabe Parks sustainability

Team Q&A: Gabe Parks – Client Success Representative Technician

Whether through his music or his sustainability efforts, our Client Success Representative Technician Gabe Parks is dedicated to finding solutions […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO

MMWEC Residential Demand Response Program Taps EV Software for Expansion

Connected Homes, the residential demand response program offered by Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company for municipal light plants in Massachusetts, […]

Earth Day 2024 demand flexibility

Earth Day Blog: Sustainability & Demand Flexibility Tips For Utilities

Next Monday is Earth Day 2024, a tradition that we honor annually as part of our sustainability efforts. In the […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist


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