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Christina George

Team Q&A: Christina George – Software Development Intern

From coding to quality assurance, Christina George wants to help! Christina started her career teaching children, before switching gears to […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO
utility energy conferences

Join Virtual Peaker at these 2023 Utility Energy Conferences

We’re looking to make meaningful connections with energy professionals and experts and expand our network in 2023. What better way […]

VP of Marketing, Amber Mullaney
Amber Mullaney
Vice President of Marketing
The Virtual Peaker Platform

The Virtual Peaker Platform in 2023 & Beyond

It’s been a crazy year! Since 2015, our company has grown from just a few of us in Louisville to […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO
Virtual Peaker's Top 5 Blogs of 2022

Virtual Peaker’s Top 5 Blogs of 2022

It’s hard to say that 2022 has been more or less difficult than in recent years. However, it’s safe to […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
Anne Ensign

Team Q&A: Anne Ensign – Junior Software Developer

From minimizing her carbon emissions to envisioning a better path forward with demand forecasting, Junior Developer Anne Ensign wants to […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO
electric vehicles

The Environmental Impact of Combustion vs. Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs), are becoming an increasingly popular choice, with demand rising significantly each year. Part of the cause for […]

Charley Henson Guest Author blog author
Charley Henson
utility program

How To Market Your Utility Programs & Enhance Enrollment

Congrats! If you’re here, you either have or are considering a demand response (DR) or distributed energy resource (DER) program […]

Stacia Secreriat 3
Stacia Secreriat
Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist
Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants: Myth or Reality?

Since the first electric power grid, system operators have dreamed of leveraging the flexibility of the energy consumers connected to […]

Greg Ledva, R&D Engineer
Greg Ledva
R&D Engineer
Brenda Chew

Team Q&A: Brenda Chew – Director of Product Management

For seasoned utility professional, Brenda Chew, finding innovative ways to fight climate change is half the fun! As our Director […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO


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