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We’re looking to make meaningful connections with energy professionals and experts and expand our network in 2023. What better way to do that than to attend in-person utility-specific conferences that focus on areas of smart grid technologies, distributed energy resources, and consumer engagement of these technologies?  These utility energy conferences are also a great way to stay up-to-date with the industry and learn about new methodologies and insights that can be useful for utilities. Check out which events we’ll have a team at and if you plan to attend, let’s connect!

2023 CEO Close-Up & Good Government Golf Tournament

The first of our utility energy conferences, we’ll be starting the year off right with a trip down to sunny Marco Island, Florida from January 8-10, 2023, to meet with electric cooperative CEOs at NRECA’s 2023 CEO Close-Up event. We’re also proud to be the title sponsor of the Good Government Golf Tournament which kicks off the CEO Up-Close event on Sunday, January 8th. This event will be a hole-in-one and we’ll be there to build relationships, make connections, and dig into what is motivating electric co-ops leaders during the clean energy transition.

SECC Consumer Symposium

Held February 6, 2023, in San Diego, California, the SECC Consumer Symposium utility energy conference is a one-day event that takes place one day prior to DistribuTECH International. The theme is “Empowering Consumers Through the Energy Transition” and we’re excited to take part in helping do so. Digging into the agenda, you’ll find topics that include electrification, energy equity, energy efficiency education, and consumer impact on the grid, all subjects near and dear to us. Our Director of Client Marketing, Shadea Mitchell will participate at 1:45 PM on a panel entitled “Consumers Vs. the Grid.” Register today and join in on the conversation.

DistribuTECH International

DistribuTECH touts itself as “the leading annual transmission and distribution event for utilities, technology providers, and industry leaders,” making it an ideal utility energy conference for us to connect with innovators in the utility space. Experience the energy movement at DistribuTECH International with us from February 7-9, 2023 in sunny San Diego California! We’ll be on the show floor in booth #1900 talking about all things decarbonization, smart grid technology, and of course best practices for demand response programs.

AESP Annual Conference

The Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) is hosting the AESP Annual Conference from February 27-March 2, 2023. This utility energy conference is down in the bayou of New Orleans, Louisiana and our team is going to be in booth #414. Emerging technology, demand response, the impact of DERs on the grid, and utility decarbonization efforts will be some of the hot topics discussed in our booth. If you’re interested in these topics and looking to connect, stop by!

TechAdvantage Expo

Join us at this year’s TechAdvantage Expo in Nashville, Tennessee from March 6-8, 2023. Just like us, innovation, technology solutions, DERs, and customer engagement are all areas of interest for rural electric cooperatives looking to embrace the clean energy transition. Stop in for a visit with us in booth #844 on the show floor to network and discuss ways to decarbonize, lower energy costs, and improve member satisfaction.

The 47th PLMA Conference

You can find us walking in Memphis, TN this May 8-10 2023 as part of the 47th PLMA Conference dedicated to the best insights in demand flexibility, DER management, EV charging, and more. Our very own CEO Bill Burke will be there to speak on the panel “Defining a Buzzword: Virtual Power Plants and the Orchestration of Distributed Energy Resources” on May 9 from 10:30 am – 11:00 am, as well as our dedicated staff to help our utility partners now and tomorrow understand the power of managed grid assets.

SEPA Utility Conference

We’re in Atlanta, Georgia this May 15-17, 2023 as part of the SEPA Utility Conference. The SEPA event will allow utilities and solutions providers to meet to learn how renewable energy and conservation programs can directly benefit utilities already. Our VP of Client Success Colin Lamb will be on the “Barriers & Gateways to Transmission, Distribution, and Interconnection” panel from on May 16 from 10:50 am  11:40 am to discuss the challenges—and solutions—needed to meet a rapidly growing demand. Learn how DERs and demand response can help you save money, strengthen energy security, and more, or just swing by for a quick chat and visit. We’d love to see you.

AESP EVDX Solutions Lab

Join us at the first ever AESP EVDX Solutions Lab, June 5-6 in Detroit, Michigan.As founding sponsors for the EVDX Solutions Lab, we’re committed to helping our clients past, present, and future to understand the impacts of electric vehicles (EVs) on the grid, and the opportunities that these emerging energy assets provide. From managed or V2G charging to demand flexibility and beyond, EVs are already here and more are coming. That’s why our CEO Bill Burke will be personally on hand for the panel “Best Practices in Customer EV Rebate, Rate Design, and Managed Charging Programs: Are we Hitting the Mark?” from 9-10 am, Tuesday, June 6. Let’s chat about EVs!

Experience Power Distributed Energy Conference

We’re visiting sunny Savannah, Georgia August 14-17 for the Experience Power Distributed Energy Conference! From meeting decarbonization goals, to finding better demand flexibility solutions to manage an ever-evolving grid, the Distributed Energy Conference is an ideal place to learn about the most exciting trends and solutions in the energy industry. For example, our Director of Emerging Technologies, Dr. Greg Ledva, will be on hand as part of the panel “Virtual Power Plants — Variety is the Spice of this Energy Solution.”

AESP Summer Con

We’re in Indianapolis, Indiana this August 22-24 for the AESP Summer Con. Hosted at the Hyatt Regency, our Director of Client Implementation Alex Aznar will join a panel moderated by Wesley Holmes of Essense Partners on the proliferation and potential of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs), microgrids, battery storage, and the potential of energy services during the energy transition.

RE+ 2023

Join us at RE+ 2023 from September 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center to learn more about the power of renewable solar energy. Sponsored by SEPA and SEIA, the events features panels on DERMS, the IRA and tax incentives, EV charging, and so much more. Our Director of Policy and Solutions Partnerships Kirsten Millar will be there as part of the panel entitled “Communication, Engagement, and Trust: The Foundation of a Virtual Power Plant.”


We’ve got plenty of travel this September 17-20, from the desert to mountains for the NISC MIC 23 conference in Aurora, Colorado. The Member Information Conference is the premier event for the NISC, and is dedicated to developing relationships and education within the cooperative utility space. We’re on hand as Gold Level event sponsors, where you can find us in booth #502. If you’re in Aurora, Colorado this September, stop by and let’s chat!

eSource Forum

If you’re heading to Denver, Colorado September 19-22, 2023 for the eSource Forum utility energy conference, we’ll be there. As platinum sponsors of this event, we’re most excited to learn from utility professionals about trends and best practices affecting their clean energy transition. We want to chat about hot topics including DR programs, EV telematics, virtual power plants, and more!

SECC Members Meeting & Fall Workshop

We’re celebrating our Fall break a little early this October 4-5 in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) Members Meeting & Fall Workshop! Looking for solutions to challenges like customer defection, the electric vehicle (EV) boom, or flexible load management? We have you covered! While you’re there, join our Director of Technology Partnerships Eric Van Orden, participating in a panel entitled “The Open Highway: Empowering Consumers for Electric Transportation.”

GridFWD 2023

From October 16-18, you can find us in Stevenson, Washington state at the Skamania Lodge at the Columbia Gorge for this year’s GridFWD 2023 conference. We’re on hand as supporting sponsors to enjoy not only the natural splendor of the area, but to work with industry leaders to help accelerate grid modernization. On top of that, our very own Director of Policy and Solutions Partnerships Kirsten Millar is scheduled to present a panel! This October, join us in Washington state to collaborate on a better tomorrow.

Virtual Peaker Empower Innovation Forum

We’ll be hosting our clients and partners at our very own utility energy conference, the Virtual Peaker Empower Innovation Forum, our exclusive event in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky again this year from November 1-3, 2023! And trust me, this is not just another industry event! This event fosters the needed connections between experts to make the promise of DERs a reality. We’ll gather experts to discuss the toughest questions about DER program management, rate design, technology solutions, EVs, and more. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, reach out to the Virtual Peaker team. As we get closer, more information will go out, so check back here or watch your channels for details as we have them.

The 48th PLMA Conference

This Fall, join us for the 48th PLMA Conference hosted in Charlotte, NC from November 6-8, 2023. We’re there to talk about how distributed energy resources (DERs) and demand response can help minimize high energy costs, increase grid resiliency, and improve customer satisfaction. Join us for a chance to chat or just for a quick visit to catch up.

2023 Energy Conferences Conclusion

We believe that the connections and knowledge gained at these utility energy conferences are priceless. Because of that, we want to foster those connections and be part of your clean energy future, which is why we’re already excited about all the opportunities we have to connect this year. Remember: we’re always looking for new ways to meet up and discover the ways we can help each other decarbonize, lower energy spending and strengthen grid resilience, so watch this post as we will update it throughout the year as more events are added.

Did we miss anything? Is there any place you’d like to see us? Let us know!

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