Virtual Peaker’s 2023 State of DERs Survey

The first section of this survey (name, email, utility & title) is confidential, and only used for internal organization purposes. All responses will be shared anonymously and in aggregate, in Virtual Peaker’s end of the year report. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the finished report, and be entered to win of one of three $50 Amazon gift cards.

DERs Survey
Do you offer programs for residential customers with DERs (which includes EE, DR, EV, solar, batteries)? [Select all that apply]
What types of residential DERs are included in your programs and pilots? [Check all that apply]
What is the primary motivation for offering residential DER programs? [Select 3]
Based on your experience, what challenges do residential customers face in adopting DERs? [Select all that apply]
From your experience, what types of incentives are most effective to increase customer enrollment? [Select all that apply]
What DER challenges are you planning for in the next three years? [Check all that apply]
What needs to happen in the next three years to overcome those challenges? [Check all that apply]