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Take Control of DERs With a Virtual Power Plant

Take full advantage of your connected distributed energy resources by developing virtual power plants. Improve the resiliency of the grid, reduce your purchasing costs, and holistically control devices with one simple tool– Virtual Peaker.

Maximize the Value of Energy Assets With Virtual Peaker

Transform the Grid With Modern Technology

Monitor and dispatch renewable energy assets from one easy-to-use platform without having to rely on centralized power plants. DERs have created opportunities to modernize the flow of electricity while stabilizing the grid.

Control Loads and Take Advantage of Peak Shaving

Reduce the stress on the grid during peak demand times by utilizing an aggregated group of customer devices that will help to shave the top off the peak. Create savings for yourself and your customers.

Take Control with Real-time Event Design

Streamline your event design by using our simple tool that allows you to define the duration, set the desired shape, and decide your control preferences. Using a VPP allows for seamless execution, adjusting real-time data to match shapes and preferences.

Build Consistent Purchasing Strategies

By utilizing assets that already exist on the grid to help deliver load when demand peaks, you can build consistency into your purchasing strategy. VPPs add resiliency to the grid when demand grows beyond capacity.

Take your DER strategy to the next level.

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Meet Virtual Peaker

We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet.


Seamless Integrations

One platform that plugs you into a suite of solutions.

Virtual Peaker allows you 
to integrate your current 
programs in one place, and you 
can launch in weeks instead of months. Whether you’re starting fresh, or need to move data and devices, integration with Virtual Peaker is simple when you partner with our team of experts.


A DERMS platform that 
grows with you.

When you’re ready, it’s easy to execute your demand response programs. Don’t pay for what you won’t use, and grow your program at your own pace. Start with the devices that your customers actually use, and add devices at your own pace. You can manage multiple DER device types, including smart thermostats, hot water heaters, EV chargers, and battery programs.

Real-Time Data

Make data-driven decisions.

The effectiveness of a 
demand response program is only as good as data that you can collect. When you can see real-time data at the device level, build custom segments for devices, and create reports that are simple to compose and read, you’ll get more out of your program by leveraging data that works hard for you.


What Our Users Are Saying

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“The partnership with Virtual Peaker demonstrates an exciting solution to two of today’s major challenges: how to further integrate clean, renewable energy, and the rapid adoption of clean transportation.”

David Slutzky CEO Fermata Energy
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“We’re owned by the members we serve, so we’re always looking for ways to bring value to their connected homes...Our partnership with Virtual Peaker leverages the company’s advanced demand response capabilities so that we can continue to deliver excellent service and innovative energy solutions.”

Mario Zavala Community Engagement Coordinator CoServ
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"It is a small world after all. Globalization is that great process that started perhaps with Mr. Marco Polo, but has since regained its prestige in present day."

Stephanie Nunez Director of GRID Development ACME North West Utility


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We’re empowering modern utilities to accelerate grid modernization using the friendliest distributed energy resources platform on the planet.

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