Operationalizing DERs with Topline Demand Control, The Next Generation of VPPs

With the market’s increased adoption of smart devices and distributed energy resources (DERs), load shape and grid requirements are changing. Existing demand response models lack clear output visibility and reliable, consistent results that control room operators and power planners require. So, how can DERs become a controllable resource rather than a rising risk? Enter Topline Demand Control.

Join us for a lively discussion about the inevitable move of DERs into the control room and the power of controlling DERs as a reliable and predictable energy source.

Register now to join us live on June 20 at 1pm EST, 10am PST.


Topics covered include: 

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Current considerations and hurdles in leveraging Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

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How DERs and demand response fit into the vision of utility control rooms and operations

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The future of demand response and how to achieve the next generation of VPP capabilities with topline demand control