EnergyUnited Case Study

EnergyUnited’s demand response program Peak Time Perks launched in 2020, and has already proven member value by saving money and energy.

Leveraging multiple thermostats’ cloud-based IoT technology, members are rewarded for virtually sharing their devices with EnergyUnited. During strategic peak hours, the utility makes temporary adjustments to customers’ thermostats to curtail the effects of high electricity demand. Participating members receive notifications through text and email when their thermostats will be remotely adjusted, and always have the option to opt out.

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The challenge: how to reduce peak load costs, engage members to participate, and process incentives.

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The solution: utilize two of Virtual Peaker's SaaS Suites for customers to easily enroll their devices into EU's DR program, then schedule and communicate events in one location.

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The results: over 1,000 devices enrolled in the first year, resulting in energy reduction per peak event, and member savings.