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Central Hudson partners with Virtual Peaker and ICF to launch demand response program.

Virtual Peaker and ICF Partner with Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation to Launch EV ChargeSmart Program

The EV ChargeSmart Program aims to achieve cost savings and grid resilience by encouraging participants to voluntarily adjust their EV […]

Valentine's Day clean energy

10 Reasons to Love Clean Energy: A Valentine’s Day Ode to Sustainability

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and what better way to express our affection than by embracing clean […]

VP of Marketing, Amber Mullaney
Amber Mullaney
Vice President of Marketing
demand response programs

Residential Demand Response Programs Need Better Device Control

Utility resident demand response (DR) programs have evolved in many ways over the years. Initially focused on direct load controllers […]

Jeff Quigley
VP of Sales

Replay: Crushing Demand Response Enrollment and Participation

Watch this webinar replay for a strategic discussion on how to surpass enrollment goals and orchestrate effective marketing campaigns for BYOD programs.

Demand response

Everything You Need to Know About Opting Out of Demand Response Events

Meeting demand proves a little more difficult every year, as utilities have to balance electrification and decarbonization efforts, stress from […]

Ana Bogdanova 2
Ana Bogdanova
Senior Product Manager
distributed energy resources (AAE)

Ask An Expert: How Distributed Energy Resources Can Help With Grid Congestion

It’s a new year and we’re trying something a little different. Our Ask an Expert series is an opportunity to […]

Virtual Peaker Team
Virtual Peaker Team
Distribution Constraint Management

Distribution Constraint Management Made Easy: What is Localized Dispatch?

The U.S. electric grid is an ad hoc creation with no singular oversight. As such, utility companies and energy markets […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
Virtual Peaker Helps GMP Build First-in-the-Nation Back-Up Battery

3 Things You Need to Turn a Demand Response Pilot into a Program

Demand response (DR) programs are critical in optimizing energy consumption and ensuring grid reliability. While pilot projects provide valuable insights, […]

Jeff Quigley
VP of Sales
EV Charging

What Happens If You Ignore EV Charging Needs?

In 2023, Americans bought more than a million electric vehicles (EVs). Between discounts and incentives, EVs are expected to get […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist


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