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energy decarbonization

Energy Decarbonization is Everyone’s Challenge

We’ve written often about the regulatory requirements that drive decarbonization efforts, and how this is compounded by the electrification initiatives, […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
community solar

What is Community Solar?

Whether through the decreasing costs of renewable energy, the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), declining project and technology […]

Rachel Sanford
Rachel Sanford
Marketing Coordinator
Heather Droel recycling

Team Q&A: Heather Droel – VP of Human Resources

There is no challenge too great for our VP of Human Resources, Heather Droel. From continuing her education during the […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO

What is Electrification? Tips To Help Your Utility Adapt

As a methodology, electrification efforts have existed for just as long as humanity has had the capacity to generate—and control—their […]

Syd Bishop 1
Syd Bishop
Senior Content Specialist
renewable energy

Why You Should Invest In Renewable Energy Now

As of 2022, fossil fuels account for 60.8% of all energy sources in the U.S. Still, as climate change continues […]

Kate Bayler (guest blogger) blog author
Kate Bayler
Divakar Jandhyala Demand Response Programs

CLEAResult’s Divakar Jandhyala on Demand Response Programs, Customer Engagement, & More

Recently, Virtual Peaker partnered with CLEAResult to help enhance utility demand response programs. The company mission statement to “change the […]

VP of Marketing, Amber Mullaney
Amber Mullaney
Vice President of Marketing
Kirsten Millar

Q&A: Kirsten Millar – Director of Policy & Solutions Partnerships

With years of experience within the energy industry on demand response programs, Kirsten Millar is here to help guide our […]

Bill Burke
Founder & CEO

Case Study: Texas Coop Leverages Enhanced Thermostats Controls to Capture Savings Amid Extreme Grid Pressures

Learn how Farmers Electric is leveraging Google Nest thermostats’ enhanced control capabilities inside Shift to increase savings and maintain customer comfort amid growing grid pressures in Texas.

Hoosier and Virtual Peaker launch DR program.

Virtual Peaker, Hoosier Energy “Connect To Save”

Three Hoosier Energy Member Co-ops Use Smart Thermostats and EV Chargers to Reduce Demand on Electric Grid   Louisville, KY […]


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