Green Mountain Power and Virtual Peaker Announce Partnership to Help Customers Save Money, Reduce Emissions

News Release — Green Mountain Power
December 15, 2016

Louisville, Ky.—Virtual Peaker Inc. and Green Mountain Power are proud to announce a partnership to help GMP customers save money, reduce carbon emissions, and use more renewables. GMP, a Vermont utility, will use Virtual Peaker’s proprietary software to partner with customers to share access to internet-based appliances and devices. GMP can change those devices into energy-saving modes, which will reduce grid demand and lower costs for all customers.

GMP used the Virtual Peaker platform first as a small pilot project over six months, and after great results, the project has moved to the next phase. To demonstrate greater customer savings through innovation, GMP’s goal is to have over 1,000 devices engaged over 18 months.

William Burke, CEO and founder of Louisville-based Virtual Peaker, and a GMP Inspire Space contest winner said this first-of-its-kind program involves internet-of-things devices including water heaters, residential battery systems, smart thermostats, and mini-split heat pumps. “This project demonstrates the viability of using customer devices to help balance the grid in a dynamic way,” he said. “This is an important step toward ushering in a more rapid expansion of renewable energy, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.”

“As an energy transformation company, GMP is focused on leveraging the latest in technology to lower costs for customers and make the system more reliable,” said Josh Castonguay, GMP’s Chief Innovative Executive. “We are thrilled to partner with Virtual Peaker, one of the winners of our Inspire Space contest, to deliver real-world solutions to directly benefit all customers.”

Burke said the only other domestic utility undertaking a similar effort is the Glasgow Electric Plant Board, in Glasgow, Ky. That effort is also via a partnership with Virtual Peaker. “The goal of our company is to make the energy consumption of houses as controllable and reliable as gas-fired power plants, and we are pleased to find another utility ready to innovate with us,” he said.

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William Burke
Virtual Peaker

Kristin Carlson
Green Mountain Power



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