Software Development Intern

Virtual Peaker is looking for Software Development Interns that will help save the world by working to build the utility of the future. Renewable energy is going to save humanity, but the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy makes it much harder for electric utilities to keep the grid in balance. The Virtual Peaker Software as a Service platform helps utilities keep the grid in balance by interacting with residential IoT devices to change their behavior, thereby easing the transition away from fossil fuels.

Our approach to internship

  • Full integration with the development team: make real contributions to our products; participate in code reviews and other team meetings
  •  Mentoring: one-on-one support from an experienced developer
  • Incrementalism: start with training in our software stack/workflow and learn about our industry; progress to working on bug fixes/front-end enhancements; gradually increase the breadth and complexity of tasks within our architecture


  • Ability to learn and develop software independently (with team / mentor support, of course)

  • Demonstrable software development skills (eg. personal projects, course work, etc.)

  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills and contributing to a team’s goals

  • Ability to use version control software to collaborate (we use git/GitHub)

The Virtual Peaker team uses the following technologies: Node.js, Vue.js, MySQL, Redis (among others). Candidates need not be familiar with all of these but should be able to demonstrate understanding of comparable tools and be open to learning new things as well as sharing what you know.

Duration: 16 weeks

Hourly Pay: $16.00 – $22.00

Schedule: Up to 40 hours per week. Flexible schedule but ideally overlaps traditional working hours as much as possible

Location: This position is for US-based candidates only. We are a remote-first company, but you are always welcome in our cozy office in Louisville (Nulu), KY.

To apply email