Team Q&A: Amber Mullaney – Vice President of Marketing

In June 2021, our marketing team began to take off, thanks in part to one of our recent hires. They share our vision that in order to build a sustainable future together, we have to reach the right audience. Please join me in welcoming our new Vice President of Marketing, Amber Mullaney!

What did you do before joining Virtual Peaker?

Amber Mullaney 2As a growth-focused business leader, I’ve always enjoyed developing strategic partnerships and integrating the sales, marketing, and research functions to accomplish key objectives and build award-winning teams. For most of my career, I’ve worked within the health care sector. Like utilities, it’s a pretty heavily regulated industry. The benefit of this alignment is that I’ve been able to transfer proven strategies and skills to help Virtual Peaker and our clients find opportunities to leverage technology within a tight regulatory environment.

For the last three years, I’ve been a member of the Forbes Communications Council, which has enabled me to build relationships with marketing and communications leaders from around the country across all sorts of industries. I’m excited to bring those connections to Virtual Peaker.

What’s your role at Virtual Peaker?

I joined Virtual Peaker as the vice president of marketing because the opportunity here is similar to what I’ve done in previous positions: nurture people and brands to drive growth. I thrive in challenging, fast-paced environments where my leadership, project management, and creativity can directly affect how products and services are communicated and then delivered to key constituents. At Virtual Peaker, we’ve got an amazing group of people who really want to change the world, and—working closely with our forward-thinking clients— have the skills, drive, and vision to be successful.

How can we all build a sustainable future?

Amber Mullaney 1No doubt about it, climate change is a real threat to this generation. I realize it’s going to take not just one of us, but all of us collectively to make an impact. It is an exciting time to work for a company like Virtual Peaker, one that has a mission and core values focused on saving the planet! I strongly believe incorporating distributed energy resources (DERs) into the grid will play a huge role in how we progress at decentralizing it.

What else can you share?

My husband and I have two wonderful girls, and both are active participants in the Girl Scouts. I’m fortunate to have served as their troop leader for the past eight years. I often reflect on “The Girl Scout Law,” which includes guiding principles like being “responsible for what I say and do” and “use resources wisely.” These words are relevant not only to the girls in my troops but also to mission-driven companies like Virtual Peaker.

Since our wedding 13 years ago, my husband and I have enjoyed visiting as many national parks as we can. So far, we’ve been to 21, so we still have a lot of exploring to do. Our favorites have been snorkeling and diving off the white sandy beaches of the Dry Tortugas National Park in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida, and the incredible views while hiking through Glacier National Park in Montana.

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Bill grew up in Louisville and returned with his family in 2010 after a long stint in the San Francisco Bay Area. He loves Louisville and is working to make it a better and more attractive city for high tech startups.

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