General FAQs

How do I enroll in FortisBC’s Peak Saver Pilot Program?

To enroll, click here. Please note, after creating your profile you’ll be taken to your thermostat manufacturer’s mobile site where you will need your username and password to complete your enrollment.

What do I do during a Peak Saver event?

You don’t need to do anything! Once you’ve connected your devices, they automatically respond to the Peak Saver event when the signal is sent out. After their systems will revert back to what they were set at before the event.

What’s in it for me?

Receive an initial incentive of $50 for each qualifying device within three months of your acceptance into the Peak Saver Pilot Program, and an additional $50 per device at the end of the pilot period in March 2023. Your participation will also help create a more reliable and sustainable energy system.

How will I know a Peak Saver event is happening?

A few hours prior to a Peak Saver event occurring, you’ll receive a text message that will inform you of the time and duration of the event.

How can I opt-out of an event?

There are two ways to opt-out of a Peak Saver event:

  1. When you receive the text message informing you of an event, there will be a link at the bottom for you to opt-out of the event
  2. If you manually override the peak saver event by manually adjusting the settings on your connected device during the event. For example, if a Peak Saver event sets back your thermostat, you can manually adjust your thermostat and it will stay at the temperature you set it at – not the temperature set by the Peak Saver event.

How many times can a customer opt out of an event?

Participation in events is necessary to maximize the positive impact of the pilot, however we understand that customers may need to occasionally opt out of an event. In order to receive the $50 incentive for your thermostat at the end of the pilot period, you must participate in at least one event. There is no limit to the number of events you can opt out of.

Can I unenroll if I do not like the pilot?

You may opt-out of any peak saver event  you do not wish to participate in. If you wish to unenroll from the pilot entirely, you can do so at any time by contacting us at  If you unenroll from the pilot, you’ll forfeit the post-participation incentive.

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection?

You must maintain an internet connection to your devices at all times. In the event connectivity is lost with the water heater, FortisBC will notify you to reconnect your devices. If you need assistance with reconnecting your devices, please contact us at



How does the Peak Saver Pilot Program work with my thermostat?

When you enroll in the pilot, FortisBC will automatically adjust the thermostat’s temperature by a few degrees on peak days when energy consumption is high, usually on the coldest days of winter and hottest days of summer.

Space heating and cooling devices typically run for a certain amount of time “on” and then shut “off” when the desired temperature is met. During an event, the BYOT Program shortens the number of minutes your space heating or cooling device is “on”. The average event lasts approximately two hours.

What if my home becomes uncomfortable?

Potential temperature changes during events depend on a variety of factors, including the temperature outside and your home’s insulation. you’re always in control of the thermostat and can opt out of an individual event by manually adjusting the temperature on the thermostat.

If you’re interested in improving the efficiency and comfort of your home, you can earn additional incentives by having an EnerGuide home evaluation done.


Electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers

How does the Peak Saver Pilot Program work with my electric vehicle or charger?

Imagine a busy day where everyone gets home from work and plugs in their electric vehicle. They go inside and turn their air conditioning and lights on, and begin to cook dinner. That’s a lot of devices using electricity at once! When you enroll in the pilot, FortisBC will automatically adjust the time that your electric vehicle is charged to times when there is less demand for electricity, such as during the night. When you need your car again in the morning, it will have a full charge.

What if I need to charge my vehicle during a Peak Saver event?

You’re always in control of your electric vehicle and can opt out of an individual event by manually adjusting the settings on your electric vehicle or charger, or opting out via the link sent in the Peak Saver event text message.


Pool pumps and Water heaters

How will FortisBC connect to my pool pump or water heater?

When you register to connect your pool pump or electric water heater to the Peak Saver Pilot Program, you’ll be connected with a consultant from EcoFitt who will schedule a time to come to your house and install a control on the equipment. FortisBC will control your equipment only during specified Peak Saver events. At the end of the pilot period, a consultant from EcoFitt will schedule a time with you to come to your house and remove the equipment.

Does this make my water heater more susceptible to bacteria?

Your safety is a high priority for FortisBC. During a Peak Saver event, the temperature of your hot water tank will never be set below the Government of Canada’s health recommendation of 49°C (120°F) to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as Legionella.