Research and Development Engineer

Virtual Peaker is looking for a Research and Development Engineer that will help solve the climate crisis by supporting our mission of building the utility of the future. The intermittent nature of wind and solar energy make it much harder for electric utilities to keep the grid in balance. Renewable energy is going to save humanity, and Virtual Peaker is part of the solution. We are currently looking for a R&D Engineer to be responsible for developing new products, processes or technologies through collecting relevant information and data, analyzing it, performing tests, and creating optimal solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop prototypes for modeling the behavior of individual DERs or groups of DERs, using both physics-driven models and data-driven machine learning models
  • Develop prototypes of control algorithms for groups of DERs, including optimization-based control
  • Troubleshoot existing ML models and data processing within our forecasting system
  • Help integrate control and modeling prototypes into production deployments, including troubleshooting issues after integration
  • Miscellaneous control, modeling, and data analysis tasks
  • Attend Product, R&D, and company-wide meetings



  • Experience deploying machine learning models
  • Experience managing deployed machine learning models
  • Knowledgeable about data science modeling techniques such as deep learning models (ANN, LSTM, etc.), regression-based models (regularized and non-regularized), and models based on decision trees
  • Experience developing production backend software in Python (using things like sk-learn, numpy, pandas, etc.)
  • Experience building and managing systems to automate model training and deployment
  • Conceptual knowledge of ML to understand use cases and interact with data scientists and other stakeholders
  • ¬†Software engineering experience (in academia or industry) with a focus on systems development, integration testing, version control, and library cleanliness


Education & Experience

  • Masters or PhD with a focus in control systems, data science, or a similar technical field
  • Experience with developing control algorithms or modeling for DERs
  • Programming experience (e.g., with JS, Matlab, or Python)
  • Familiarity with machine learning methods and optimization formulations
  • Experience developing and troubleshooting software to simulate and test algorithms
  • Track record of creatively applying theoretical approaches to solve complex, potentially ambiguous research problems



Virtual Peaker is currently a small team tackling huge problems, and that means that everyone, from the interns on up, are critically important to our mission. If you want to be a bit player on a huge team thinking about micro-optimizations, this role is definitely not for you. If you want to take responsibility for changing the outcome of human civilization, we want to hear from you.

Location: This position is for US-based candidates only. We are a remote-first company, but you are always welcome in our cozy office in Louisville (Nulu), KY.